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Tiny road signs erected to remind city residents animals live there too

To remind residents of Vilnius, Lithuania that they aren’t the only ones living in the city, communications firm Clinic 212 erected a series of...
Cutest Parenting Moments Animal Kingdom

There’s no force in our universe that’s as strong as a parent’s love for their children. A parent stops at nothing to care for...
Lemurs eat at Qingdao Forest Wildlife World

Lemurs eat at Qingdao Forest Wildlife World in Qingdao, a seaport city in China's Shandong province, on January 27.
Flamingoes In Africa

Our beautiful planet is full of natural wonders, we have stunning landscapes, oceans, lakes, green fields, plain, deserts, forests, mountains, humans and animals. Here...

Check out 36 perfectly timed animal shots. Taken with high precision but most of the time just lucky shots. Animal photography at it’s best,...

Ichimi the kitten was rejected by her own mother. Lost and alone, Ichimi had a slim chance of survival on her own. Luckily, the...
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