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Cool Patch Pumpkin Corn Maze In Dixon

Cool Patch Pumpkins Corn Maze, owned by brothers Matt and Mark Cooley and located in Dixon, CA, holds the Guinness World Record for the...
Caminito del Rey Spain

Would you be brave enough to walk along this footpath suspended high above a dizzying gorge? I'm not talking about the green iron structure,...
Mount Rainier Washington

The magic of spring transforms a lot of places from cold and lifeless landscapes to vibrant environs bursting with life, but some places receive...
Frost Flowers In The Arctic Ocean frozen-lake-pond-ice-wcht07

These lakes, when it's frozen, looks like even better than famous work of art. Mother Nature did it. Here are 14 breathtaking examples. Have...
Šventoji. Lithuania

Lithuania is a country which has very beautiful nature. We've recently seen 15 Amazing Photos Of Autumn In Lithuania and this post was so...

Have you seen something more beautiful than this? Two hikers from Poland walking on a frozen mountain with extremely clear water in Slovakia's High...
Tatra Mountains by Marcin Kesek

27 year old photographer Marcin Kesek lives near the polish Tatra Mountains and to him it’s the most wonderful spot in the world. The Tatras...
Snowflakes Macro Photography

Russian photographer Andrew Osokin is a master of winter macro photography. His photo collection is chock full of gorgeous super-close-up photographs of insects, flowers,...

Norway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It's home to more natural wonders than we can count and it has...
Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park

These national parks located in America are the best thing that happened to nature. When you visit one of them or maybe all feel...
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