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ThatAmazingLife Most Popular Posts of 2015


It has been a year full of huge stories of our amazing world, so we decided to see which posts got the most hits from our readers in 2015!

Here’s a look back at our 10 most popular posts and of 2015.

We can’t wait to see what is in store for 2016!

Happy New Year!

1. 15 Amazing Photos Of Winter In Lithuania

Very Calm winter

Photo by : Edgaras Mileris

2. 20 Amazing Places In Norway To Take Photos


Image Source: Robin Kamp

3. Myths About Lithuania

Myths about lithuania. Mitai apie lietuva

4. Are we a generation of idiots, smartphones and dumb people?

A generation of idiots, smartphones & dumb people

5. This Social Experiment Called ‘Translation’ Took My Breath Away

Social experiment

6. 56 Images Of What Our Planet Would Look Like After An Apocalypse

World after apocalypse

7. 32 Beautiful Tiny Villages Around The World


8. 20 Amazing Photos Of Summer In Lithuania

One line We love Lithuania

Photo by: Darius Birštonas

9. Award Winning Wedding Photography Contest

Best weddings photographs

Image source: Chris Huang

10. These 50 Ads Are Shocking. It Shows Issues Of Our Society

shocking ads about the issues of our society



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