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10 Best Christmas Commercials Of 2015


While the U.S. prepares for Thanksgiving, the Europeans have already gotten into the Christmas spirit, with the annual avalanche of heart-wrenching TV commercials.

Here are some of the biggest Christmas commercial hits in Europe this year:

1. Man On The Moon (John Lewis)

British department store John Lewis has produced some of the most memorable Christmas commercials in recent years. And for 2015, it hasn’t disappointed. The “Man On The Moon” sees a little girl send a gift to a lonely old man, as the store reminds people to “show someone they’re loved this Christmas.”

2. Mog’s Christmas Calamity (Sainsbury’s).

A move away from the recent trend that tugs at the heartstrings, this hilarious clip for the grocery giant sees Mog the cat set off a chain of unfortunate events which almost ruins Christmas for the Thomas family. But she somehow pulls it back to save the day.

3. El Gordo (Spain’s Christmas Lottery)

This Up-style animated commercial sees mannequin factory nightwatchman Justino play pranks on his daytime colleagues by moving the figurines into funny situations. He’s left devastated, however, when he’s not part of the factory syndicate which wins the lottery … but his friends then come up with a beautiful surprise.

4. No Presents (PayPal UK)

These two brothers fear that their parents haven’t gotten them Christmas presents this year. But fear not, they’ve just bought everything online with PayPal.

5. Hiding The Sprouts (Sky Movies)

Rosie doesn’t like Brussels sprouts, so she does everything she can to ditch them in this impressive CGI effort. She travels into movies — such as Night At The Museum and Cinderella — where she secretly dumps the vegetables without being caught.

6. School Of Christmas (Lidl)

It’s back to school for everyone in this quirky advert for German supermarket Lidl, which is on a mission to teach people how to serve up the perfect Christmas meal.

7. The Land of Make Believe (Harrods)

Tiny mouse Peter Pumpernickel doesn’t think he’s big enough to help Kris Kringle in his preparations for Christmas at the upmarket London department store. But the big man has other ideas for the little critter.

8. They Might Not Be Your Dearest (TKMaxx)

Another tearjerker, as the clothing store encourages people to “love your neighbor” because “they might not be your dearest, but they are your nearest.”

9. Favorite Things (Aldi)

A classic take on the traditional Christmas commercial. Beautiful.

10. Argos Christmas Advert

Immerse yourself in a world of colour, excitement and energy with the Argos Christmas ad, #JustCantWait for Christmas.



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