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17 Macro Photos Of Everyday Objects


Photographer decided to give us the pleasure of extreme close shots letting you see every single detail of these objects. The photos you will see are amazing in every way and you will be fascinated by some of them. Have a look and tell what you think!

1. Head of a Match
Head of a match

2. X Key of a Keyboard
X Key of a keyboard

3. Grain of Sugar
Grain of Sugar

4. Ballpoint Pen
Ballpoint Pen

5. Kitchen Sponge
Kitchen Sponge

6. Spaghetti Noodle
Spaghetti noodle

7. Brass Key
Brass Key

8. Tea Bag
Tea bag

9. Beach Stone
Beach stone

10. Lipstick

11. Serrated Knife
Serrated Knife

11. Apple Stalk
Apple Stalk

12. Incense Stick
Incense stick

13. Corn Flake
Corn flake

14. Soap Foam
Soap foam

15. Screw

16. Book Pages
Book pages

17. Corrugated Fiberboard
Corrugated Fiberboard



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