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15 Amazing Photos Of Winter In Lithuania


Lithuania is a country which has very beautiful nature. We’ve recently seen 15 Amazing Photos Of Autumn In Lithuania and this post was so popular that we’ve decided to show Lithuania in winter. During winter time this country appears to be more magical place than ever. Take a look at these photos and tell everybody what you think, because we think it’s simply amazing!

1. River Neris in Vilnius

Neris, Lithuania

Photo by: guinev

2. Winter at Šventoji beach

Winter at Šventoji beach

Photo by : Mindaugas Riauka

3. Balninkai village

Balninkai city in Lithuania

Photo by : Aistis Masiulis

4. Frost-bounded Nemunas

Frost-bounded Nemunas

Photo by : Žygimantas Buržinskas

5. Nida harbour in Winter

Sleepy Nida harbour

Photo by : Zenonas Rotautas

6. Silent night in Ignalina city

Ignalina, Lithuania

Photo by : Vaidotas Mišeikis

7. Facing New Year

At night

Photo by : Ramūnas Šeškus

8. Šventoji beach at night

Šventoji. Lithuania

Photo by : Mindaugas Riauka

9. Aurora in Birzai district

Aurora in Birzai district

Photo by : Tomas Vasiliauskas

10. Winter scenery in Pasvalys district

Winter Scenery in Pasvalys district

Photo by : Simona Skumbinaitė

11. Very calm winter

Very Calm winter

Photo by : Edgaras Mileris

12. Winter near the Baltic Sea

Winter near Baltic Sea, Lithuania

Photo by: Daiva Cirtautė

13. River Neris coast

Neris coast

Photo by : Renatas Kripas

14. Swan in Žeimena creek

Swan In Žeimena

Photo by: Jonas Barzdėnas

15. New Year is coming

New Year is coming

Photo by : Mindaugas Riauka

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