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20 Amazing Places In Norway To Take Photos


Norway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It’s home to more natural wonders than we can count and it has stunning cities, fascinating history and really happy people.

1. Seven Sisters Waterfall , Romsdal County
Seven Sisters Waterfall Norway

Image Source: Flickr

2. Norwegian Sea
Norwegian Sea

Image Source: Christian Ringer

3. Trolltunga

Image Source: Alexander Artworkx

4. Lodalen Valley
Lodalen Valley

Image Source: Flickr

5. Trollstigen

Image Source: Flickr

6. Ålesund

Image Source: Kluckytrips

7. Hammerfest

Image Source: Alamy

8. Atlantic Road
Atlantic Road Norway

Image Source: Asbjørn Floden

9. Storseisundet Bridge
Storseisundet Bridge

Image Source: Benjamin Gs

10. Tromsø

Image Source: Bardloken

11. Lysefjord

Image Source: Robin Kamp

12. Kjerag

Image Source: Katarine Pitre

13. Hjorundfjord of coastal Norway

Image Source: Michaela Potterbaum

14. Innerdal Tower, Omsdal, Norway
Innerdal Tower

Image Source: Bård Larsen

15. Lofoten
Lofoten Islands Norway

Image Source: Stein Liland

16. Fjordland
Norwegian Fjordland

Image Source: David Berry

17. Frozen Lake
Frozen Lake Norway

Image Source: Adam Valine

18. Værøy Island
Vaeroy island Norway

Image Source: Daniel Kordan

19. Fedje Island
Fedje Island Norway

Image Source: Tore H

20. Arctic Cathedral
Arctic Cathedral Norway
Image Source: Coolbiere A



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