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15 Amazing Photos Of Autumn In Lithuania


Autumn covers Lithuania in all its glorious colors. Forests and gardens are buried under the beautiful crunching leaves. Sometimes it’s even called golden autumn. Take a look at these pictures and tell us what you think.

1. Island

Image credits: Vytautas Liakas

2. Autumn train in Anykščiai
Autumn Train

Image credits: Vytautas Liakas

3. Autumn misses you.
Autumn misses you

Image Credits: Dalia Stalauskienė

4. Beautiful path.
Beautiful Path

Image credits: Romualdas Stankevičius

5. River in autumn colors.

River in autmn colors

Image credits: Izolda Kučinskienė

6. Lithuanian flag.
Lithuanian flag

Image credits: Marius Karlonas

7. Sunrise.

Image credits: Dalia Stalauskienė

8. Silence.

Image credits: Benjaminas Pakenis

9. Autumn whisper.
Morning Whisper

Image credits: Vitold Michalkevič

10. Trakai from above.
Trakai from above

Image credits: Mindaugas Danys

11. Half done.
Half done

Image credits: Gediminas Stanaitis

12. Autumn peak.
Autumn Peak

Image credits: Dalia Stalauskienė

13. Three cross hill in Vilnius.
Three cross gill

Image credits: Unknown

14. Autumn scene.
Autumn Scene

Image Credits: flickr.com/photos/astanita

15. Red leaves.
Red Leaves

Image Credits: Marijus Medišauskas

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