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Abandoned Athens Olympic 2004 Venues


This week marks the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Summer Olympics, a reminder for Greece, a nation €347 billion ($465 billion U.S.) in debt today, of its less austere days.

In 2014 figures, the final cost of building for the Games is estimated to been around €11 billion ($15 billion U.S.), well above initial estimates when Athens was first awarded the Summer Olympics by the IOC.

“It was a waste of money and all for show. It cost a lot,” Dimitris Mardas, who was Greece’s general secretary for trade at the time, tells Reuters. Some supporters of the 2004 Games still defend the event. “If you put it on a scale,” Hellenic Olympic Committee head Spyros Kapralos tells the newswire, “the positives outweigh the negatives, but unfortunately we weren’t able to communicate that.”

Welcome home: The Games’ motto is one of the few remains left standing in an Olympic park that has almost entirely fallen into disrepair.
All dried up: The Helliniko Olympic complex, which included the canoeing course and the baseball stadium, now lies deserted.
Load of rubbish: The swimming pool that once hosted international athletes has now become a rubbish dump in AthensLoad of rubbish: The swimming pool that once hosted international athletes has now become a rubbish dump in Athens.
Life’s a beach: The stand built to house beach volleyball is still standing, but the sand in front of it is overgrown with plants.
Falling down: Paint peeling, seats ripped out and benches collapsing, the aquatic centre is a shadow of its former self.
All over: The beach volleyball venue is no longer used, another of the Olympic venues that has been allowed to fall by the wayside.
No village people: What was once a luxury hub for the summer games is now a deserted shell in an overgrown wasteland.
Nothing left: A swimming pool from the Olympic village is filled with dirty rainwater and debris a decade after the Athens games.
What’s the score? The seats are still in place at the Olympic Hockey Stadium but the broken score-board tells its own story.
Broken down: The Taekwondo Stadium is still standing, but the roads outside are covered in rubble and the venue itself is fenced off to visitors.
Ruins: Parts of the Athletic Centre in Athens are entirely unrecognisable from the slick venues that the world saw a decade ago.
Deserted village: The Olympic village that hosted the athletes just ten years ago is now a desolate wasteland covered in graffiti.
Remains: This is all that’s left of the Olmypic Canoe and Kayak Slalom centre.
Empty: The diving venue.
No one left: The derelict stands of the Olympic Baseball stadium are a symbol of the games’ decay as economic hardship prevented Greece from maintaining their venues.
Torn apart: The Olympic Baseball stadium is now little more than an overgrown field with a broken big screen, surrounded by unused seats.
Barricades in a heap outside the still-in-use Olympic Stadium
A podium is seen inside the marble Panathinaikon stadium in Athens.



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